smart parent-school communication

The Parent-School Relationship will never be the same again – the future is now.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications can go to the whole school, a class, a set of classes, or even to just the parents of one child. Powerful.

Updates Feed

At the core of the app is the Updates feed, where parents can see exactly what is going on in the whole school or just the relevant class. Text, images, and video can be uploaded to the feed by authorised teachers, and parents can 'like' and share appropriate content.

Events Schedule

All aspects of the school schedule can be entered; timetables, lunch menus, school events, offsite events; and offsite events can even have turn-by-turn directions straight from within the app so parents never get lost again!

Child Portfolio

Each child can have his/her portfolio updated directly from either the back-end via a web-browser, or more conveniently in some circumstances, the Teacher version of the app itself. The portfolio is updated in real-time with text, images and videos, and can 'ping' a parent to notifiy them that there's new content available.

Secure Logins for all

2-step SMS authentication for Parents, and 128-bit SSL encryption on all transactions, means the app is secure, and with it, all the data.

Absence Notification

Within the Parent version of the app is the ability to notify the school of an absence, without the need to phone the school (as long as it's before 10am). This information is presented to the school on via the live web portal.

Individual Child Granularity

Rather than just being a 'me-too' app in terms of being able to show newsletters and push-notifying the whole school, the ZapTap solution enables teachers and parents to communicate with individual children (or groups of children). This is an incredibly powerful feature, one which some schools are using to replace the classic 'link-book'.


We all have a smartphone today…

Smartphone usage is already at 85%+ saturation (and rising); the world is becoming less desktop-centric and more mobile.

The ZapTap school application solution has a rich feature-set that provides the school with the tools to reach out and create dialogs with parents in real-time. If a child has done a brilliant piece of work, or been really kind, or had a bump to the knee, the teacher can let the parent know instantly with a Push Notification, or an image, or a video. If the Class 4 offsite is going to be delayed because of a puncture, the app can keep everyone informed in real-time.

The instant-communication age is upon us already, now it’s time to put that to practical use within the school – and the ZapTap school app solution does that better than any offering available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get when I sign up? Useful! Not useful!

    When you sign up online, you get the fully functional CMS/Web-Portal login for your school immediately, where you can start adding classes, teachers, students, etc. ZapTap are notified of your purchase, and will start work on your Android and iOS client apps; these should be live within two weeks of your purchase.


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  • Supported Devices Useful! Not useful!

    The client app is available for iOS and Android platforms. BlackBerry 10 is also available for an additional cost. Windows Phone is not available at this time.
    The CMS/Web Portal used by the school administration works on most modern browsers, we recommend an up-to-date version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


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  • Pricing Useful! Not useful!

    There are three price tiers - Silver, Gold, and Platinum, depending on the number of classes your school has (you can upgrade at any point). Each tier is a one-off fee, combined with an annual hosting fee. The pricing is as follows:

    Number of Classes One-Off Fee Annual Fee (also payable with One-Off Fee)
    <10 £POA £POA
    11-14 £POA £POA
    15+ £POA £POA

    We also offer flexible payment plans and tailor-made options if there are bespoke requirements.


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    Tony Harpham

    Headmaster - Walton Primary School

    This app, and the back-end CMS, is going to completely change the way we interact with parents and children, and save us a lot of money in printing costs too!


    David Dickinson

    Chief Exec - Waterton Academy Trust

    The app totally transforms the parent-teacher communication channel. Not only does it do exactly what we want, but a whole lot more as well. The in-built teacher app is fantastic.


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The Team

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James McVicar

Business Development Director

James has extensive management experience gained from many diverse sectors working within SME’s ,PLC’s & Multi-National Companies.

Mark Chamberlain
Mark Chamberlain

Technical Director

Mark has worked in the mobile industry for 7 years, and has developed and designed award-winning applications and some of the App Stores biggest selling apps.

Louise Brittain
Louise Brittain

Product & Design

Louise is a fully qualified HR Consultant, as well as a qualified Interior Designer.

Karen Wrigley
Karen Wrigley

Training Manager

Management Consulting Professional & Trainer, Karen has worked with organisations large and small to develop a range of employment solutions and delivery first class training to these organisations.


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